Friday, July 08, 2005  

It’s the bomb that will bring us together.

So many things going through my mind in the last day and a half. I admit to being cynical, then resigned, then dumbfounded, then unbelievably sad, then very angry, then cynical again….. then finally very very weary. Tracy’s sister was too close to one of the bombs, although we didn’t know it at the time. There was no anxious wait; we were just told she was ok.

Being unemployed means being able to watch television all day, although I don’t, but yesterday I did. What was interesting was Fox and CNN coverage, their use of key words was fantastic, I had a full house inside two minutes. I’m sure the powers that be will use the bombings as an excuse to push through ID cards. The thing that really pisses me off is that the British public, whilst not supporting Al Qaeda, were against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. This kind of attack against innocent people will only serve to swing opinion in Blair’s favour. We’ve seen it so many times in different countries in the past, and the revenge attacks have started already with at least one Mosque being burned down. As well as being cold hearted, murdering, cowardly fucking scum, the terrorists are actually thick as a short fucking plank. In our local paper tonight the lead story is “4000 sent home from Sellafield”. All non essential staff have been told to stay away because the alert level has been put back to where it was after 9/11. As I look to the sky with nervous eyes I find myself musing about an escape route, but fuck them I’m going nowhere.

I really didn’t feel it was right to post part four of the holiday diary, somehow a story of coming home didn’t feel right when so many people won’t be. I have also cut a paragraph from this post because I felt it insensitive; I’ll keep some political feelings to myself for a while. Instead, Elton John.

Have you heard his most recent attempt at a pop song ? It’s called “electrizziddy” the lyrics sound like they have been written by a nine year old, and a cheesy one at that. I really can’t believe it got past all the record company executives, it’s fucking awful. Too many similes Reg’. The bloke that normally writes his stuff (Bernie Taupin I think) must have been on holiday, or maybe Elton has bought himself the new Acme lyricomatic and put the cheese dial right the way round to fucking max’.

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