Saturday, June 11, 2005  

Straighten my new mind's eye.

Just about twenty years ago me and Tracy watched live aid, we watched the whole thing and we got the whole thing on video. I wonder where those tapes went. Anyway we, along with a lot of other people, thought it was brilliant, I remember mumbling about the Concert for Bangladesh and how George Harrison should have been credited with the idea, but on the whole we thought it was a success. Why is it then, that twenty years later there are still people starving in Africa ? I’m not calling in to question Sir Bob’s motives for organizing the live8 shows; I just think there are a lot of other things need to be done before we start to throw money in the direction of people who never seem to see any of it.

I’ve had my aptitude test, now I’m just waiting to hear if I’ve got the job. To try and remove some of the tension, and there has been a lot, we went for a walk on the beach. The slag was looking rusty, and where some of it had been eroded there has appeared a large blob of tar, it was melting and bubbling in the sun. I took some pics but the one of the blob was crap, so I’ve put this one up instead.

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