Monday, May 09, 2005  

Emptiness in harmony.

It has seemed an endless battle recently, looking for work and not finding any. After seven months of letter writing, phone calls, internet and newspaper scouring and a handful of interviews without anywhere near a result, those old feelings start to creep back in. Anyone who has spent time on the sidelines of the rat race otherwise known as the scrap heap will know those feelings, the ones that come in the night and keep you awake, the ones that question your confidence, the ones that chip away at your carefree attitude to life. These are the feelings that leach the colour from your skin and dull the twinkle in your eye. I don’t think I can single out any one feeling; it’s a mixture of desperation and a loss of confidence, mixed with an increase of weight bearing down on your shoulders. Life seems to know just when to give you a kick as well, within a couple of days last week the central heating boiler decided it wasn’t going to provide us with hot water or cosy radiators anymore, the fridge door handle fell off, the hoover coughed and sucked it’s last and the washing machine began that all to familiar rattle that usually comes before the thing finally goes out with a puff of blue smoke.

We decided to have a couple of days away. Off to Manchester to eat too much, drink far too much Tequila and shop for things we don’t need. It was ace. I took some photo’s which didn’t really turn out as I imagined. Have a look at the three that I thought at least looked like something; see if you can tell me which motorway service station number three is taken from.


Number 2 is the usual view through a car windscreen around here at this time of year, and I have ranted about it before. I can feel another one coming on.

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