Sunday, March 20, 2005  

Except the dreams of soft machines.

I love watching people. I really enjoy observing body language and all the facial expressions that people have, and how people interact with their surroundings and with others. Today we travelled back from Manchester; taxdodger has been to stay for the weekend – hence the lack of posts. I was engrossed in GT4 which is absolutely ace…… anyway, we got off the motorway early and drove back through the lakes, stopping at the Travellers rest at Grassmere for something to eat. It’s a pub, so you find a seat, go and get some drinks, then order your food at the bar. We sat near an oldish couple who were there when we arrived. We did the usual – find a seat, take it in turns to go for a piss, then peruse the menu for ten minutes. All the time we were doing this the oldish couple sat in virtual silence, like they were waiting for a bus. The only word, from a very small conversation, that I caught was “waitress”. It occurred to me that they thought it was a waitress service, but I didn’t hear enough to intervene. After we had ordered our food, and a nice young lady had brought us our cutlery and condiments the oldish couple looked very uncomfortable. Then, the oldish bloke noticed the instructions at the top of the menu, telling him to order his food at the bar. A brief conversation ensued and he was dispatched to the bar. So, my question is this: “I had nothing to do with the oldish couple not reading the menu properly, so why, when our food arrived before their's, did the woman sit up and fold her arms with a look of anger on her mush ?

Another thing we always find amusing is the couples that sit in restaurants or pubs, or anywhere that couples sit for that matter, and don’t talk to each other. They usually sit staring off into the middle distance, lost in thoughts. Why don’t they share those thoughts with each other ? We’ve been married nearly twenty-two years and we never run out of things to say, sometimes we can’t get to sleep at night because we have so much to talk about. I wonder if these couples have the marriage equivalent of the thousand yard stare, so uncomfortable with each other they would be anywhere but there. Sad.

Anyway, GT4. Fantastic ! Not just the graphics or the soundtrack, or that there are more cars than ever that handle like the real thing, or that the tracks are the best yet - taxdodger bought a Fiat Panda, spent a good 80 grand on it and it was still a turd, it’s so much fun. The feeling of satisfaction when you get a corner just right, or nudge the race leader out of the way on the last bend gives it ten out of ten from me. Even better, you can actually see what happens when you try to take a hairpin bend at 174 mph, in a 400+ bhp Toyota Celica GT4, after having several large Margaritas. You don’t survive, which is why the drink drive laws are much needed.

Game over.

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