Wednesday, March 09, 2005  

Don't talk politics and don't throw stones.

Blind people get Seeing Eye dogs, deaf people get hearing dogs. I wonder how many deaf and blind people there are in the world ?

It has occurred to me that there are far more stupid people than those with obvious disabilities. So why don’t we have:

Thinking Monkeys for the stupid.

They could help with all those difficult decisions, if the stupid person was going nail electric fairy lights to a window sill, the Monkey could stop them. If a moron was going to feed a big Mac to its six-month-old baby, the Monkey could poke him and wag his Monkey finger.

Providing thinking Monkeys would relieve a massive strain on the emergency services, both for the morons who hurt themselves, and the innocent victims of everyday stupidity.

I’m going to nominate people who I think should be given a thinking Monkey, and the first nomination goes to Trevor Phillips, head of the commission for racial equality, for this brainstorm.

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