Friday, March 04, 2005  

But all in all we soon discover.

So, out came the bath. Well actually I spent a good hour before all this clearing the whole bathroom so that the bath could come out. Then the wall was slowly dismantled into a pile of rubble on the floor where the bath used to be. We peered into the gloom of the void, we didn't see what we wanted, nay expected to see. The waste pipe disappeared through a whole into yet another void, this time into a space behind the stairs that lead up to our living room. I cleared the cupboard under the stairs and another hole was cut into another wall, what we found was almost worth all the fucking about.

In the space at the back of our stairs we found a small room, a small room that contained the soil stack, into which the offending waste pipe terminated. But, the room is large enough to be turned into a storage area, in a flat that has precious little of that in the first place. A little bit of fucking about with some wood and plaster board, and we will have just about doubled the space in which to store the detritus of our busy lives.

See, I was so excited about the new room, that I almost forgot the pipes. After breaking the waste pipe in three places and rodding it towards the new room, we finally got the blockage out. It was dry grout from when we tiled the kitchen. You see, we finished grouting the tiles on the Friday, and fucked off to Mexico for two weeks on the Saturday morning. That gave it plenty of time to set in the bottom third of the pipe. All the rodding I have since done has pushed it all to one point, which we found today when we split the pipe in the new room.

It fucking stank !

It's now all back together, and we have both had a nice long bath. The water fucked off when we had finished, and we haven't seen it since.

Our pipes are at peace, for now.

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