Wednesday, January 12, 2005  

Well here's another place you can go.

I need some feedback on an idea, so I thought I’d ask you. You see I’ve exhausted my brain trying to come to terms with this theory. First you have to agree with some basic principles:

1. The speed of light is constant, and cannot be surpassed.
2. The shortest distance between two points is a curve.
3. Space-time is linear.

The taxdodger’s theory goes like this:

If you stand at any point on Earth and travel to another point, you are traveling a curve (the earth is spherical). But if you tunnel underground and travel in a straight line, you cover less distance. Therefore, if your speed is constant you will arrive earlier. If we view the universe as an onion, with the skins as definite pockets of time, then under normal circumstances we would travel over the surface of the newest skin (again a curve). If we could find a way to travel through the skins, we would surpass the speed of light. In effect we could travel anywhere in the universe instantly.

My problem is this, what the fuck does a four-dimensional onion look like ?

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