Monday, January 10, 2005  

Looks like we’re in for nasty weather.

As Carlisle was flooding, I lay in bed listening to the wind try and rip our roof off. I went out in the morning to check the house and survey the rest of the damage, a shed roof lay about a foot from Tracy’s car. Luckily our house was ok, probably something to do with the roof tiles being of the fucking huge variety. Others had fared worse, there was a chimney leaning precariously against a roof at the top of our road, a little further towards Workington there was about three tons of bricks and slate piled up in the road. Many trees had met their doom and one Vauxhall Tigra had a shed stuck out of the rear window.

As I write this the wind is picking up again, as forecast. I can hear wheelie bins trundling about the street outside, like some insane Womble/Dalek hybrids. Even though it’s dark I can still just about see the sea, and tide is on its way back in. When it gets here it will bring the wind with it. It’s due in a couple of hours, I think I might stay up and see what happens.

City obviously weren’t up for their trip to the land of hills and chip shops. What can you do with a team that one week gives a good account of itself against one of the top teams in Europe, and the next can’t beat a team sitting in the bottom half of league one ? Strangely enough, for a side managed by Kevin Keegan, the defense is pretty good but we can’t score goals. In my opinion we should get rid of Anelka and spend some cash on a replacement. Next up, Palace and West Brom. Any other team sitting in ninth place would be relishing back-to-back relegation candidates. I just don’t know what will happen, which says it all about City really.

Also, I can’t believe I forgot to mention this, I passed last years open uni’ course. So, this year I embark on a second year course, which covers things like the rise and fall of leaded petrol, and nuclear power. The last section is all about the deep oceans. It really does look a lot harder, but also a lot more interesting.

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