Sunday, November 07, 2004  

Wish upon a wave that had a sound.

The difference between the City that turned up at the swamp today, and the one that struggled against a crap Norwich side was incredible. KK actually had a plan, and his team stuck to it resolutely. We were never going to win the game today; Anelka on his own even when he’s on form will give you very little. Today he was our weak link. I think united probably deserved at least one penalty, but those two challenges by Smith were a fucking disgrace, both meant for the player and not the ball. Not content with ending Alffie’s career, they are now going for Dunne (or Zinedine Ze Dunne as I saw him referred to on the city message board). Well done blues, it was a good point well earned.

A bloke climbed into a lion’s cage this week, and tried to convert the Lion to Christianity. The Lion tried to eat him, it doesn’t take a fucking genius does it ? In these instances the idiot in question should have been left there, we shouldn’t be patching these people back up so they can breed, we should have let the fucker die. If we adopt a policy of letting stupid people die as a result of their ill thought out actions then the human race will become more intelligent. Over a relatively short period of time all the fuck-wits will die. Considering recent events across the Atlantic, it probably wouldn’t bode well for 50 million Americans.

Last night I went to a (I hesitate to say this) a wine tasting ! I expected it to be full of boring arses, and for the most part I was right. It was a good laugh though, especially when we found the whiskey table. It was organised by a really nice wine shop in Whitehaven, so I got some lovely booze for Christmas.

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