Tuesday, June 22, 2004  

Strange days indeed.

England showed great character to come from one down to beat the Croatians, that was strange for a start. There were about two thousand people in the pub (it’s a big pub) watching one of three massive screens. We stood near the bar for obvious reasons, but this gave us a somewhat obscured view. About twenty of us turned and watched the match on one of the small tellies that were scattered about the bar. The small tellies were about three seconds ahead of the big screens, so we all saw the goals first. After each goal a small part of the pub went wild, shouting, singing and jumping about. Then, about three seconds later the pub erupted as the rest of them saw it. We got a double celebration for every goal, I celebrated eight goals and now I’m absolutely fucked. Big screen for me on Thursday.

The second, and by far the strangest thing was the program about animal sex on channel 4. What a bunch of sick freaks, the reasons these people give to justify their relationships with various animals boggles the mind. One man actually said that a mare orgasms when he has sex with it ! (I can see that sentence coming back to haunt me on my referrals page). There are some very disturbed people in this world. I suppose it brings a whole new meaning to “I feel like Chicken tonight”.

We’re off to Anglesey for a couple of days, but we’ll be back just in time for the quarter final.

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