Thursday, March 11, 2004  

Out of the melting pot.

Coming from Manchester I grew up with lots of different people. In fact the amount of work in Manchester in the sixties and seventies brought people from all over the globe. I witnessed a lot of racism, some of it from my own family. Looking back it was just fear, fear of change. These people blamed the ills of the world on anyone who wasn't familiar.

Today we have no such unfamiliarity, the world is a tiny place. You can chat to someone in Japan and California at the same time. I did last week. We can go and watch the sun rise in New Zealand, we recognise the difference between Hovis and Focaccia. Some people even speak more than one language. What have we to be afraid of ? Is it people with a different skin colour ? Or people who worship a different god ? Or speak a foreign language ? Or, heaven forbid, all three ?

I think there is one thing far more frightening than those ! Hatred. It's not just the BNP who hate. It's engrained in the fabric of western society. It's on television, in the newspapers that we read and the adverts we are bombarded by. The sad thing is, we all united against a hatefull regime in the forties, people from our own families died in a war against facism. It's been on the periphery of society since then, but now it gains ground with the arrival of political parties who spread lies and fear. Make people afraid again, then they'll hate. You knock on someones door on a northern council estate and tell them that all the money the council had for repairing their house has been spent on Asian families, or on a new Mosque, what do you think the reaction will be ? You tell that lie to thousands and keep telling it, and soon enough it becomes accepted as truth. The hate starts and grows. It's always easier to have someone to blame.

Living in Cumbria I see less tolerance than I used to. After I went to court I expected recriminations, but none yet. Maybe I'm being unfair, maybe people in this neck of the woods aren't a bunch of racist fuck-heads, or maybe they are. I sincerely hope the BNP don't field any candidates around here, they just might get in.

We have to rely on right minded people thinking for themselves and not giving in to the torrent of lies that come from these hatefull people.

Spread the truth !

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