Tuesday, February 03, 2004  

Confused ? You will be.

I have just listened to Blair on the news. He’s said that if he had known before hand that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, he would have gone to war anyway. Has this man no respect for the people who he is purported to serve ? Everyone is well aware that he knew full well there were no WMDs. He went to war anyway, he obviously thinks we are all too fuckin’ dumb to realise this. So let me get this straight, we went to war with a country that is no threat to us, a country that has never participated in a terrorist attack on us or our allies, and a country that we have helped to cripple, over the last twelve years, with inhumane sanctions. When we do go to war we kill civilians and bomb schools and hospitals, and only when the war is over do we find the terrible figurehead in a hole in the ground. Well done Tony, you really made this a country to be proud of, and I bet you sleep like a fucking baby don’t you ?

The bit that baffles me is why, why is Blair taking us down this route ? Is for the kudos of being a tough guy, or is because Dubya has promised him something ? Or, is he just a lunatic hell-bent on taking us down the same path as the US, getting everyone to hate us. Hang on, that could be it. He has heard Fergie saying for years that United win ‘cos everyone hates them. Tony Blair wants Britain to be like Man U. Oh fuck ! Where’s my passport ?

I suppose it’s a logical progression in these times of corporate power, to turn Britain into a PLC. Blair would be our CEO, Gordon Brown as finance director –

Gordon Brown
texture like sun

Lays me down
with my mind she runs

Throughout the night
no need to fight

Never a frown
with Gordon Brown,
Ev'ry time
just like the last

On his ship tied to the mast

To distant lands
takes both my hands

Never a frown
with Gordon Brown,
Gordon Brown
finer temptress

Through the age he's heading west,
From far away
stays for a day

Never a frown
with Gordon Brown,
Never a frown with Gordon Brown
Never a frown with Gordon Brown.

No I’m not suggesting our Chancellor is a smack dealer, but it would put a fair bit of cash in his red box !

I’m so confused my head keeps fucking off on tangents. I’m getting deja vous, and the rabbits are back in my dreams. I was so happy on that bright May morning back in 97, who would have thought it would come to this…..I hate him more than I hate bitchfuckwhorecunt Thatcher !

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