Friday, January 02, 2004  

The man from Japan.

He came to visit us via Tokyo, Manchester, Barcelona, somewhere in Scotland and Penrith. He covers his tracks well, and he is always very vague about what he does for a living. He only stayed one night; we went out for a meal then to the pub to watch Arsenal beat Southampton. In the morning he left, who knows where he went or when we will see him again. Maybe one day we will go and visit him in Tokyo and see if it's as mad as he says it is. He has left a mark on this blog, if you search you may find a little more about him. I wish I could tell you more, but you don't become an international man of mystery by telling everyone about yourself.

I'm now counting down to my 38th birthday, and then the second anniversary of the inception of this web backwater. The continuous passage of existence really fucks me off sometimes. 03 absolutely fucking flew by. This brings me back to my theory of introducing chaos into our lives in order to make them feel longer. After telling you all about my theory I then promptly forgot about it, so I will endeavour to post all about my random chaos events in the coming months.

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