Sunday, January 04, 2004  

Comfort zone, curry and hoovers.

I often regret telling people about my blog, I sometimes wish it was totally anonymous. I have just been reading a mates blog, and people who are very close to him have left comments, and if it was my place I would feel very uncomfortable indeed. But it's all academic, most people who I either like or respect know about this place, and it's not as if I divulge my deepest darkest secrets or open my heart to all and sundry. Considering the comments I have just read I'm going to ensure that I am very carefull who I tell about this place.

Last night we went for a curry at the Akash in Whitehaven. It was splendid. We are now giving serious thought to embarking on a Cumbrian odyssey. A visit to some of the best curry houses in the county and maybe some of the crap ones. Obviously I will need to review each one, and I'll start with the Akash when I can remember what we had.

Hoovers: I have covered this before, but I think it needs to be reiterated. They are infernal machines, designed by Satan's minions in the darkest recesses of Hades. They should be outlawed during daylight hours, and be made to clean your house in the dead of night, silently. A word of warning, don't get lured in by their bright colours or their special filters, they are infernal machines.

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