Sunday, December 14, 2003  

The ultimate sound bite.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we got 'im".

The most powerful man on earth, a man at whose disposal is the technology to read a newspaper over your shoulder from space, has finally got his man. After twelve years of searching they got him. Did they get him after a valiant fight at his desert stronghold ? No, they found him in a hole in the ground at the side of a run down shack just outside his hometown. I'm sure he would have continued committing unspeakable acts of barbarity, as only one can, whilst sat in a hole in the ground. Well done Georgie-boy !

Strangely enough, he was found with three quarters of a million dollars and an old taxi. There must be a fucking good trade to be had for an Iraqi cabby. That's probably how they trapped him; the American soldiers stood above Saddams hole and shouted "Freecall the Mosque".

Apparently Iraq is now free of a very dangerous Tyrant. I'm pretty sure they would have been free of him fucking ages ago, had Georgie's old man not armed him to the fucking teeth, and told him to get on with his "stabilising efforts" in the Middle East.

Right, who's next then ? Osama, never heard of him.

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