Friday, December 19, 2003  

The morning after.

You were all correct of course; feeling like shit is the perfect cure for smug twatitis. Unfortunately I haven't been ill because of last nights drinking. I was poisoned by our local curry shop. I didn't really drink that much, no more than normal and certainly well below my limit. No, it was the ruby that did it. Funny thing is, it tastes exactly the same when it's on its way back out. Yes I have been expelling bodily fluids from most of the available points of egress. My ears being the only holes to remain dry.

Apart from the numerous forays to the bathroom, I have spent all day in bed. When Tracy got home I had a bath and I feel a lot better.

This whole sorry episode throws up (no pun intended) a serious problem. The curry shop that tried to do away with me is our local one, and it's fucking good. What are we going to do now ? It means weeks of testing others from the surrounding countryside till we find a decent one. But then we will constantly compare it to "the old curry shop". Hmm, what are we to do ? Make our own ? Fuck off !

I just found out today that the man from Japan is coming to visit us over Christmas, this is ace news because we haven't seen him for a couple of years. I'll tell you all about him tomorrow.

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