Wednesday, December 03, 2003  

The ice rink.

Last year Workington brought in an ice rink for Christmas, it was a mild success so they decided to do it again. Why not, find a winning formulae and stick to it seems to be the in thing with people nowadays, it works for the BBC so why not Allerdale council. Unfortunately they haven't heard of continuous improvement. Any reasonably intelligent person would first look at which aspects of last years ice rink were successful and which aspects weren't. Then draw up a plan that incorporated the bits that were and replaced the bits that wern't with new and challenging ideas. Oh no, not our council. Last year they didn't advertise it very well and they haven't this year. Last year they stuck it out of the way in a nearby park, this year they have put it in the same place. Last year they didn't get a second rate celeb' to open it, thereby generating some press interest, and they haven't done it this year either. The "big sign" advertising the rink is situated in the town centre on a wall outside Marks and Spencer, it's the same as last years, not just same as, it's the actual sign with the dates tipexed out and this years put over the top !

The final ignominy is this, do a google search for Workington ice rink, and the top result is all about the ice rink that the neighbouring town Whitehaven are staging this Christmas. Judging by the success of Whitehaven's maritime festival in summer, which pulled in over a quarter of a million people the weekend it was staged, I would say their ice rink will be slightly better than ours.

Yes, Allerdale council are a class act.

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