Sunday, November 02, 2003  

Information B roads.

Information super highway is a phrase I hear a lot nowadays, my 56k connection was more like an overgrown country track; full of bumps and potholes. I have just installed my new adsl modem and I think I just turned onto the duel carriageway. Instead of making music play lists, I now find myself downloading films and stand up comedy videos. Now I think I need a really big hard drive.

Last week I posted my OU end of course assessment, lets hope the postal strike doesn't fuck it up. Although I fully support my striking comrades, I sometimes wish the GMB were a little more militant. My assessment was going to Milton Keynes, and should have been there by Friday. Fingers crossed, come December I may have my first OU points on the board. My next course is a sixty-point course with a ten point residential. Sounds like fucking hard work to me. I'm going to try and learn to read and surf simultaneously.

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