Saturday, October 25, 2003  

Nothing but the truth !

I told you a few months ago about a friend who was racially abused whilst at work, well the nazi scroat who abused him is finally in the dock in November and I’m a witness for the prosecution. I obviously can’t say anything else about it, but what I can tell you about is the support, or lack of it, that my friend got from his employers.

As soon as the nazi fuck-head had uttered his racist abuse he legged it, they’re a brave bunch these racists eh ? My friend and his colleague gave chase and caught the scroat outside Argos. I think he was on his way into Elizabeth Duke for another sov’, they use them to prevent injury from knuckles scraping along the floor. They escorted Mr. Scroat to a nearby policeman who arrested him. My friends employers’ only concern was that he had made physical contact with Scroaty McScroat and whether they would be sued or not. They didn’t even know that racial abuse was a criminal offence ! They said he should have followed at a discreet distance……A black man wearing a luminous yellow coat is anything but fucking discreet anywhere in the world, never mind Cumbria where 99.3% of the population are white. They even considered asking my friend to apologise to the nazi fuck-head. Is it just me ? Or are parts of this country a fucking hinterland, devoid of modern thought and attitude.

I really hope the cunt does time, but I have less faith in the judicial system than I do in City’s back four, so I presume he’ll get community service or some other cop-out sentence designed to “help” criminals see the error of their ways. I’d give the twat community service, make him pick up all the dog shit that the dirty bastard dog owners wont pick up, make him clean up all the litter that lazy bastards just throw on the floor, make him clean all the pigeon shit off the pavements. No, fuck it ! Make him leader of the Tory party, he should fit right in.

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