Thursday, October 16, 2003  

The lyric challenge.

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I was a lonely teenage broncin' buck
with a pink carnation and a pickup truck.

These people round here wear beaten down eyes
sunk in smoke dried faces
they're so resigned to what their fate is.

We can go wherever we please
and everything depends upon
how near you stand to me.

Over men and horses hoops and garters
lastly through a hogshead of real fire !

And she lay on the bank, the wind light as a thief
and I kissed her goodbye, said, "All beauty must die".

But years of gin have broken him
and left him cold where he fitted in
It's too late to turn around and find another way.

Where the clouds are like headlines
on a new front page sky
my tears are salt water
and the moon's full and high.

He couldn't take the public scorn
changed from human to plant form
now he’s swapped his legs for roots
his arms and soil are in cahoots.

One day the track that you're climbing gets steep
your emotions are frayed
and your nerves are starting to creep.

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