Saturday, October 18, 2003  

First impressions.

I'm still thinking about pigeonholing, and our love of lumping people together to ease our understanding of them. A major factor in our mental filing system is first impressions, but what of people who we have never met. Gordon mentioned the fact that he doesn't assign sexuality to a person who doesn't blog about it, I find myself agreeing with that. It got me thinking about my first impressions of some bloggers, the ones who don't have a photograph that's easily visible. Here's a few of mine, all from the first couple of times I read their blogs.

1.  Pinky. I had her as a young single black girl.
2.  Gordon. A Leo McKern look-alike but with a Scottish accent.
3.  Bingobowden. A sort of Martin Clunes meets Keir Hardy.
4.  Audi man. Boris Johnson, only a little more sane.
5.  Gert. A northern Alison Moyet but more sexy.

What about you ?

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