Sunday, June 29, 2003  

Question time.

Does doubt have a shadow, can anything ever be the new black, and is it possible to be so bad it's good ? All valid questions if you are stuck with nothing to do. But, what about this, if a woman can go abroad to have a designer baby even if it's for a good reason, then is it ok for a woman to go abroad and choose to have a baby with blonde hair and blue eyes ? What if her husband had a swastika tattooed on his arm ? Do we draw lines, or let everyone do what the fuck they want to just because they can ? OJ has already proven that with enough cash you can get away with murder, are we heading for a future where people with large amounts of disposable income can live above the law, and the rest have to tow the line ? You might argue that we have it now, but in the example I just gave the woman went abroad, this is cropped up a lot recently, Gary Glitter went to Cuba to carry on having sex with children. It doesn't cease to be illegal just because you do it somewhere else, but then bank robbers live a nice life on the Costa Del Sol. What we need to do is create an international criminal court, oh that's right we have, so now what ? What about breaking down some of the borders and forming a European state, then maybe we could curb the growing global dominance of the good old US of A and at the same time we could make sure that anyone who, say, kills innocent people in a foreign country would stand trial and be judged by their peers.

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